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Why We're Starting at the End

September 13, 2016

Sometimes to think of a better solution to a problem, you need to start at the end.

That’s the approach we're bringing to our customers. 

“What are the last four things that need to go into a space to make it complete?” asked William Gresham, McWaters’ Owner and President. “Flooring, furniture, technology, and people. If all those things aren’t present and working the way they should, then the space doesn’t work.”

One of the reasons these last four things are so important is because they’re interconnected. If the flooring isn’t ready, then the furniture can’t go in. If the furniture goes in before the audiovisual technology, then someone has to go back and integrate everything. And if everything’s not ready in time, then the people can’t move into the space. 

“We like to stretch the limits of problem solving for our clients. We call it our Think Better approach,” said Gresham. "With our diverse service lines, we have a lot to offer our clients. We like to think of ourselves as four small companies conveniently located under one roof. We have the resources to provide our clients with ALL of the last four things they need. By taking that more holistic approach, we can consult and make recommendations on the project as a whole instead of pieces of it, in turn creating a better solution and an easier process for the customer.”

Customers can see that approach in action right from the start. During the initial meetings with a customer, a team of specialists from each of our four service lines—flooring, furniture, audiovisual technology, and relocation services will meet with the customer and their design team on the project to talk through the space, the pain points, and the goals for the future. Then our team will get together to collaborate on recommendations before they present options to the customer.

In the end, this process helps us think better about the people and how they use the space more holistically. Combine our expertise and experience with the extensive research from our partners at Steelcase and we're able to come up with innovative solutions to inform questions on everything from how patients and staff use the waiting room in hospitals, to how to keep students engaged in the classroom, to how space and technology can encourage collaboration in the office.

“We are always thinking about the end users and how they actually use the space,” said William. “If we create a beautiful space, but the customer has the same problems they had before we got started, then we failed.”




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