Architectural Solutions


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Architectural Solutions

Architectural Solutions include moveable walls, access floors, modular power and cabling, and acoustic solutions.  These solutions can provide superior alternatives to traditional construction that are simpler to build, easier to change, and more environmentally responsible. Installing solutions like moveable walls save money by getting your team back to work faster, with less interruptions and mess than solutions like sheet rock, and can change as often as you want them to.

Architectural Solutions integrate architecture, furniture and technology with an innovative construction process to create a flexible and more effective space-- a space that features a modular infrastructure, technologically advanced building systems, and designed-in flexibility. 

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Our Customer Experience Centers are a favorite meeting spot for some of our technology partners, local non-profits, and even networking groups. Not only is it set up for collaboration, it’s full of some of our most popular and innovative products. That gives you the opportunity to begin getting an idea of the types of solutions we offer for your space.

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