Our Services

Our Services

A holistic, customer service approach

We've been helping customers with their spaces since 1945. Our 70 years of experience inspires an evolving portfolio of service-lines that includes:

Whether it’s encouraging collaboration or quiet contemplation, we have furniture to support your space.
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Audio-Visual & Technology:
Our trained and accredited IT and A/V specialists will help you make the right investment for your space.
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From commercial carpet to luxury vinyl tile, we have a wide range of floor covering options to fit the needs of your space.
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Relocation Services:
We’ll move your people and assets to a new location with a tailored plan that ensures minimal disruption.
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Architectural Walls: 
Providing superior alternatives to traditional construction that are simpler to build, easier to change and more environmentally responsible.
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Our breadth of knowledge and capabilities will help you enliven, enrich and optimize your space!


Our Services

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We can install flooring without moving your office furniture out.