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A More Connected World

March 15, 2017

At last year's Technology Tuesday at Spirit Communication Park, we were able to talk to visitors about our product lines and how they can integrate A/V technology in their spaces. This year we're in an even better position to talk about A/V technology thanks to our growing A/V team. 

Are you attending the event, but not sure where to start when it comes to A/V? There are two areas of focus we've found most of our customers are interested in. 

Connected Conference Rooms

A business's conference room can be the creative soul of the office. It's where people can come together to share ideas and collaborate and we've seen a growing interest in integrating technology into these rooms to support that collaboration. Our product lines have helped businesses use their conference rooms to conduct remote meetings, share content more easily, and support brainstorming sessions. Our A/V technology can even help save money. We've recently been approved as a state contract vendor for our A/V line and we've seen great demand for automatic blinds and lights that help reduce the amount of energy the room uses and helps make the room compliant with LEED standards. 

A Strategy for Everything 

It's not just about implementing A/V technology either. It's about creating a plan for how to use it- with our digital signage capabilities. We've seen too many digital signs only being used to display a company's logo. So, when we began growing our A/V team we decided we weren't only going to offer the technology, we wanted to offer help creating a plan for how to use it in the most effective way possible. Now customers can use our team's skills to get the messages out to the right customers at the right time--turning their digital sign from a glowing billboard to an effective communications tool.  Not only do we help customers choose and install the right digital signs for their space, we also help create and implement a content strategy for that sign. 

No matter what project we work on, we're always taking a holistic point of view and seeing how we can improve the space. 

"As the world becomes more connected, it only makes sense that we'll need more A/V technology in our work areas in order to keep up. We're in a position to think holistically about how we can integrate that technology for our customers in a way that helps meet their business goals." William Gresham, Owner and President of McWaters. 

Ready to start talking about A/V? Visit us at Technology Tuesday. 



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