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Meet McWaters' First A/V Programmer

January 19, 2018

Dennis Jones joined the McWaters A/V team in December of 2017. In addition to being the first programmer on the McWaters team, he has over two decades of experience in residential and commercial A/V and experience running his own business. He holds Crestron and Extron certifications in controlled systems, DSP, and Design. 

What drew you to McWaters?

One thing that was very interesting to me was that McWaters is a furniture and flooring company that also does A/V. Since the company is so involved at the beginning of projects, there are a lot more opportunities than a traditional A/V company would ever see. I have worked with Joel and Hal in Greenville, so it's a good opportunity to work with them again. 

What do you hope to bring to the McWaters' team?

I have a lot of experience doing best practices in design, installation, and programming. I'm also the team's first programmer. McWaters used to outsource that work before, but now that I'm on staff I want to ensure the control systems have user interfaces that are designed to be as intuitive as possible. It minimizes the amount of training needed to run a boardroom, conference room, presentation system or other audiovisual systems, which is important because people with all levels of technical capabilities use this technology.

How does McWaters' A/V team support businesses in the areas they serve?

There aren't a lot of companies doing A/V in our areas and we're seeing a lot of demand. So, we're bringing something that wasn't widely available before. Since we're able to get in front of customers at the start of projects through the furniture sales side of the business, we're also able to create a lot of demand once people see what we can offer.

Have you worked on any memorable projects so far?

One of my first projects here was making sure all the programming was sound and working properly in the Capgemini office on the Bull Street property. That was extremely important since so much of their office is designed around technology.  

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