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Meet Linda

June 23, 2016

Linda Leggett, Market President--Savannah
Education: B.B.A Business Administration, Kent State University 

Linda’s a new addition to the McWaters team. She joined in April 2016 and brings 12 years’ experience in the interior furnishing industry. She’s lived all over the country and is overjoyed to be back in the Savannah area. When she’s not working she loves exploring the area, trying new restaurants, and boating with her family. 

What drew you to McWaters?

McWaters has a great reputation in Savannah for having impeccable installs and great customer service. Throughout my career, that focus on the customer has always been near and dear to my heart, so I wanted to be at a company where everyone was willing to go the extra mile.

What’s your role at McWaters?

As Market Manager, I help our team network and create new relationships. I also help develop and mentor our account managers to be creative in how they’re solving our customers’ problems. We work with a lot of healthcare and higher education customers in Savannah, so we definitely have to approach those needs differently than we would a with any other client.

What experience do you feel you are bringing to the team?

I successfully tested and promoted the in-home design services program at Pottery Barn that was eventually adopted throughout the entire organization. So, I have some experience identifying new opportunities in the market and developing a strategy for how to act on those opportunities. Overall, I like to be creative and be challenged, I’m just a full-speed-ahead, sky's- the-limit type of girl.

How has McWaters supported you in your role?

Everyone has given me the support team I need to take care of existing clients—including ones that moved with me to McWaters when I started here—and to develop new relationships. Steelcase also has an incredible breadth in their product line and McWaters has done a great job training me on that line and helping me learn all the specialty products.

You’ve worked with a lot of big-name companies throughout your career. What makes McWaters stand out in the crowd?

Our broad services lines; consultative business model and team approach is what makes us the best in the industry. We do it all from furniture, audio visual technology, flooring, and relocation. We work together as a team to solve challenges and we have specialists that are knowledgeable in all of our service lines. For instance when working with a client on an audio visual project, they don’t make non-tech people like me learn the jargon and be the expert, instead they send someone with highly specialized certifications who can really do the project justice. That’s not something you typically see in a market this size, so I think it really makes us stand out and is an amazing benefit for our customers. 

Your work at McWaters is focused on a lot of healthcare and higher education clients. What excites you about those two fields?

I love that I get to work with both industries because they’re both very dear to me. Healthcare has a special place in my heart because my grandma was very sick when I was growing up. She was in the hospital over 80 times and the memories of being in the healthcare setting with her are very vivid for me. It’s made me passionate about creating a space that helps patients and their families feel comfortable and not like they’re in an overly clinical setting, while still protecting the patient’s health.

In the higher education realm, I love that I can continually learn and solve problems for professors and students. Most of the time I find they know they have a problem with their space, but they don’t know how to fix it. I find providing that solution and making it better in even a small way, to be very satisfying.

How would you describe the culture at McWaters?

I saw a sense of partnership, collaboration, and team spirit right off the bat. There’s a feel of teamwork and everyone helps each other out. I know I can be open and be myself and not have to worry about anyone being unethical. At the end of the day everyone is working to make sure our clients are happy and satisfied, and that they have a space that’s a strategic asset for their business.

What’s the work-life balance like at McWaters?

There’s a family environment here. One thing that impressed me upon meeting William was that he wanted to meet my family early on in the interview process. He kept reminding me to talk to my family and make sure it was the right fit for all of us. He’s very big on work-life balance and having fun at work. How many people can say they genuinely enjoy coming in every day? I make sure to nurture and support that culture here in the Savannah office. 

I love continually learning and working on new projects. Problem solving is my biggest motivator in my career.  

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