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Meet Katie

June 21, 2018

Katie Pasciak is a second-year accounting intern at McWaters. Originally from Chapin, SC, Katie's a Senior at the University of South Carolina and studying visual communications (a journalism major that’s a mix of photography, video editing, web design and graphic design) and photography.

Where did your interest in accounting come from?

My interest in accounting came from my mother, Tonya, one of McWaters’ accountants. Even as a young kid I was really interested in math and loved helping my mom out.

I thought being an accountant and working with money was so cool! 

What will you be doing during your internship at McWaters?

During my internship at McWaters, I will be continuing my duties from last year. My first employment at McWaters was from February 2016 to the end of December 2017, and I started again in mid-May after a short break.

Back in 2016, Rachel was looking for a part time student to help with paper filing and small office jobs, but eventually I branched out and got to work closely under the accountants to help them with their day-to-day jobs and now I have worked on a little bit of everything.

In the past I have also worked closely with Chip and the flooring department with their invoices and processing installer paperwork for government jobs. I have also helped the designers organize their samples cabinet.

Last summer, I was a part of a team of five who worked closely with Procore, a project management software, to tweak the tools to work better for our company’s needs. It helps organize every aspect of a project from the amount of hours someone has worked on its design, to the punch items to install dates; it even allows us to take pictures on job sites and immediately attach it to a punch item or a project folder.

Our goal was to help everyone work smarter – not harder – and improve communication between the departments throughout the entire project.

We spent most of last summer (from about May to August) testing the tools and creating an implementation plan to roll it out to the rest of the office, and I believe the entire Columbia office is using Procore now! 

What are you excited to learn about this summer versus last summer? Will you be doing more challenging tasks this summer?

This summer I’m excited to learn more about the company’s work flow and more about the accounting department in general. Last year was really exciting with learning about, testing, and implementing Procore, but I’m sure there will still be challenging tasks that will come up! I’m ready to take on whatever gets thrown at me.

How do you think this internship will change the way you look at what you are learning in school?

McWaters has already helped me so much with my work ethic, communication, and team work, all of which are critical to my coursework. I think this internship will help me even more with my time management skills for the large projects I have in my classes this fall.

What types of jobs are you most interested in pursuing after you graduate?

I’m not quite sure what kind of jobs I’m interested in after graduating – I’ve been very lucky to have such a great internship at McWaters, as well as a very broad major, so it’s been difficult to pin down a specific path to follow. Whatever I decide, I’m hoping to stay in Columbia for the time being. 

What is the most interesting thing you have learned about McWaters?  

One of the most interesting this I’ve learned about McWaters is the way teamwork is supported and encouraged at every level. Teamwork is very important to everyone at McWaters and is an integral part of the office’s operating procedure.

I think it’s amazing how willing and flexible everyone is to get the job done and done well.

Outside of your work with McWaters, what else interests you?

Outside of McWaters, I serve on the executive board and volunteer with my music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota, where we host events for young girls in the area to teach them music, raise and donate money to new teachers and music programs, and other services for the university’s School of Music. Some of my hobbies are photography (both digital and traditional film), hiking, and playing my flute.

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