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Meet Ben

June 14, 2018

Meet Ben Kopp, a design intern about to start his Senior year at Anderson University. Ben is originally from Carol Stream, Illiniois, which is a suburb of Chicago. He came to Anderson for their Interior Design Program and has enjoyed learning the many different facets of the design world. 

Where did your interest in commercial design come from?

I originally became interested in Interior Design during High School. I saw one of my friends using a 3D modeling software to create interior projects. My favorite one that I remember was for an indoor town setting in which he had all sorts of shops and residences that he had designed in this larger industrial space.

What will you be doing during your internship at McWaters?

I am going to be helping the design department with the organization of the Resource Library, working on some smaller projects, and observing and learning as much as I can about what it means to be an Interior Designer. From what they have told me, I am going to be very busy.

How do you think this internship will change the way you look at what you are learning in school?

My mindset has been completely changed in regards to how many options there are available for furniture, fixtures, and finishes.

I am getting to see how much research is put into the development and utilization of these components. I am really excited to be able to apply this information to my remaining projects so that I can have an even more well informed design decision and have a better capability to defend the selections that I have made.

What types of jobs are you most interested in pursuing after you graduate?

I am definitely interested in commercial design and have really grown to enjoy hospitality design projects; so I would love to work with a firm that works in those areas. I also love Steelcase’s products and their many sub brands and I hope to pursue an opportunity to continue working with their offerings.

What is the most interesting thing you have learned about McWaters so far? 

I have enjoyed learning about the vast number of lines that McWaters has to offer. When I first began looking at McWaters, I assumed that they only used Steelcase products since they are in a partnership. I am very excited to learn more about how McWaters runs as a company and how each of the different roles and departments work together to create the final product of a well-designed space.

Do you have a favorite piece of commercial office furniture from the McWaters’ showroom? 

I love the Brody. It has always been my favorite and I would love to have one.

They are such a great place to get set up and get some work done.

I am also really excited for the new Brody desk that will be coming out since having extra work surface space is always a plus.

Outside of your work with McWaters, what else interests you? 

In Interior Design, I enjoy being a part of our student ASID chapter at school and coming up with ideas for interior spaces that have not been done before, which gets harder when you google the idea and it pops up immediately. Outside of that, I enjoy being active, playing ping pong, and just getting to know people. 

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