McWaters' Culture Mirrors Columbia's

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McWaters' Culture Mirrors Columbia's

November 28, 2017

Angela Padgett started as a workplace consultant in Columbia in October 2017. She graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. Angela comes to us with experience in video production and media in the athletics industry as well as three years experience in pharmaceutical sales. Today she's talking about her background, goals, and how McWaters fits into Columbia's culture. 

What drew you to McWaters?

I love forming customer relationships, especially when I know they’re going to be ongoing. Everything we do at McWaters just really supports that because we're not a one-trick-pony. We can do everything from a simple desk setup to a complete conference room with audiovisual integration. It’s just amazing to see what our teams can offer from the ground up for big companies, but at the same time, what they can offer in the way of personalized support, for small companies.  

We are armed to help our customer's achieve their goals and can leverage great partnerships to enhance these efforts.


How does your background in video production translate to A/V sales?

I do think it gives me a little more understanding than someone who doesn’t have that background. I’ve done some much simpler A/V setups in past roles than the ones our A/V team does. That helps me pick up on the terminology faster than someone who is completely green, which helps me translate information about a customer's A/V needs to the A/V team. I think that will be helpful when I'm helping customers discover A/V solutions that they might not have even known were possible. 

How is McWater’s poised to meet the growing and changing business needs in Columbia?

McWaters' culture mirrors the current culture of Columbia. It’s really important to people in our city to be able to support local businesses while still getting the best quality product. So, having McWaters right here in town gives businesses the best available products, but with a personal touch. Our company is also very forward-thinking and innovative from the leadership on down. That same spirit is something you see everywhere in Columbia. 

How does McWaters support you as a salesperson?

I’ve gotten to go on various site visits with our design and A/V teams. Seeing all the service offerings coming together for big and small projects puts into perspective how much we do and how detailed it is. 

It seems like there isn't a customer who we couldn't find a solution for. Being able to offer that level of service is a huge deal in my role. 

It's also clear how much our team cares about the projects we have going on. Even if something does go wrong they take care of it as fast as possible and with quality. I’m just very impressed. 


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