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Market Applications

Project Team Rooms

  • Collaboration is the engine of innovation in today's office space and technology is a key tool of innovation.
  • Integrated technology in project team rooms allow for multiple, simultaneous presentations.
  • Plug and play user interface eliminates wasting time fighting with complex technology.
  • Smart boards and interactive display allows for instantaneous revisions and screen captures of edits.
  • Touch panel controls, recording capabilities and sound masking in project team rooms help enhance the user experience.

Lobby & Reception Spaces

  • Digital displays have replaced analog communication.
  • 4K technology is rewriting the rulebooks when it come to image quality.
  • Stop replacing projector lamps! Lamp less LED and laser projectors are the better alternative.
  • Eliminate the need for cabling by utilizing Wireless Video Projection.
  • Interactive video walls come in all shapes and sizes. Determining the correct size for your room is critical.
  • Kiosks and interactive digital signage allow visitors to easily gather information.