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Learning Spaces

  • Easily morph to support lecture, team collaboration, or discussion setups
  • Portable whiteboards are inexpensive yet helpful tools for groups creating and evaluating content
  • Mobility encourages student interaction, collaboration, and engagement
  • Share and create digital content quickly with audio-visual integration
  • Height-adjustable table allows for maximum flexibility and comfort
  • Tables include power and data ports to support student technology

Student Leisure Spaces

  • Furniture can be positioned to support students in groups, pairs or individually.
  • A space should offer students both choice and control over their privacy.
  • Social spaces allow for intentional or coincidental connection with faculty or students.
  • Comfortable seating provides a space for informal communication before and after class.
  • Work-surfaces can accommodate laptops, books, smartphones and other student materials.
  • Computer kiosks are ideally suited to students needing quick access to technology.

Office & Faculty Spaces

  • Offices should be planned to support formal and informal meetings.
  • Design a space to promote eye-to-eye contact.
  • Storage leverages real estate and provides space for personalization.
  • Instructors are increasingly mobile and need quick and easy access to technology.
  • Digital content enriches discussions and brainstorming with students and peers.
  • Lower panel heights provide greater visibility and encourage more open communication with staff.