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Loren McCaslin--A McWaters Partner in Design

February 16, 2017

Today we're talking to Loren McCaslin about design's role in employee wellness, audio visual integration, and the team's trip to the Steelcase Worklife Center in Atlanta. Loren is a designer in our Columbia office. She holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts with a Concentration in Interior Design from Winthrop University and she's an associate member of IIDA. 

On employee wellness and engagement

A space can vitally increase an employee’s wellbeing and in turn create more engagement if it is designed thoughtfully. One key feature that has been linked to increased wellbeing is bringing in natural light. Another way we like to increase engagement and wellbeing is to allow a palette of place. Having different types of spaces for example open collaborative areas, focus enclaves, work lounge areas give employees more freedom and a sense of control over their working environment.

On integrating A/V and design 

I start with gathering information about what type of media or data will be displayed in the space and how many participates. Also, knowing how collaborative the end users will need to be within the space is important. Having those key pieces of information early in the process help create a functional space.

I love using Media:scape to seamlessly incorporate technology from a laptop, tablet, or phone to a shareable monitor or screen. At the Atlanta Worklife Center we saw Media:scape integrated with Answer panels.  This is a new way to upgrade existing Answer configurations with technology.

The McWaters design team visited the Steelcase Worklife Center in Atlanta this fall. In addition to being enthralled by the clean, minimalistic, and highly functional resource library, Loren also found inspiration in the multiple vignettes throughout the center: 

I was inspired by the use of Answer at the Worklife Center. Not only did they use it with Media:scape, they also incorporated it with a Leap lounge and height adjustable desk to create a private work studio.  That was something I haven't incorporated into any designs yet.


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