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Introducing Drone Footage: Our Latest Audio Visual Technology

June 26, 2017

At McWaters, we're constantly innovating and have a passion for finding the newest technology that can help our customers gain an edge in the market. That's why we're pleased to announce our latest audio visual offering: aerial image service using Aerial Photography Service Drones.  

This technology has been extremely successful for marketing both event spaces and real estate and we're prepared to build off that success to create value for our customers no matter what kind of space they have. 

We've seen workspaces become increasingly important as a recruiting and retention tool, especially in young, tech-oriented industries. It's one thing to say you have the kind of space your talent is looking for, but it's a whole other thing to be able to show them with drone footage. Our drone footage can take them on a tour of the inside of your building that will make them feel like they're actually there. 

For a lot of these potential employees and customers, your space is about more than what's inside your building. It's about the entire environment surrounding your space. If your area allows for it, our drone pilot can take footage of surrounding areas to help capture the entire ecosystem where your company sits. 

Drone footage is great for attracting new employees and customers, but it can also have a big effect on your existing customers, especially when you're updating your space. 

"When you're improving your space your customers are excited to see your progress. We can periodically take drone footage so your customers can follow along with your progress and you can show the full impact of the before and after shots for your space," said Will Gresham, our licensed drone pilot. "We've even begun doing that for our own space in Charleston."




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