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How to Create Better Personal & Learning Spaces for Your Workers

October 1, 2021

The global pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live, learn and work. People have new needs and expectations, requiring shifts in the way we think about buildings and the workplace. It’s time to move forward and use what we’ve learned to make work better. Let's look at how to enhance workplace design in personal and learning spaces. 

Personal Spaces

Balance fostering focus work and team connections in these owned or shared personal spaces. Give individuals control over how they get work done, the ability to express themselves and a sense of security while prioritizing getting work done.

Me + We
​Adjacent spaces for "me" and "we" support quick shifts in workflow. 

Fixed to Fluid
Reconfigurable, modular enclosed settings make it easier to adjust layouts if circumstances change. 

Open + Enclosed 
Smaller-scale, shielded settings support privacy and virtual meetings in the open. 

Braiding Digital + Physical
Spaces with acoustic and visual privacy let people focus or take video calls. 

Learning Spaces

The ability to learn and develop individual and organizational capabilities is key to innovation and growth. Multi-modal spaces support different purposes, giving teams and individuals the opportunity to experiment, create and build on each other’s ideas. Both in-person and distributed team members can actively participate in spaces designed to be inclusive.

Me + We
Giving individuals their own mobile table lets them pull apart or come together with ease. 

Fixed to Fluid
Arrange space in multiple ways with movable boundaries and screens. 

Open + Enclosed 
Spaces with varying levels of enclosure and privacry—such as floor-to-ceiling walls or more permeable boundaries—let teams choose what's best for them. 

Braiding Digital + Physical
Multiple large-scale, fixed and mobile devies let teams adjust based on levels of remote participation. 

Source content from Steelcase, one of our service partners. Review the full results from their global report.

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