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How to Create Better Collaborative Spaces for Your Workers

December 1, 2021

The pandemic has changed how we work, and a new set of design principles will enable organizations to create a better work experience, delivering on what people need now and in the future. Let's discuss how to enhance your collaboration and social spaces. 

Collaboration Spaces

More open collaboration settings provide a sense of safety and the flexibility to expand and contract the team based on the work that needs to get done. Braid together the digital and physical to support in-person and remote collaboration of all sizes.

Me + We 
Individual focus areas alongside more active communal spaces lets people quickly shift between work modes. 

Fixed to Fluid
Mobile, acoustic boundaries allow two collaboration settings to easily become one. 

Open + Enclosed 
More open collaboration options let teams adjust based on size or task. 

Braiding Digital + Physical
Active particaption in virtual sessions is easier when personal spaces are designed with digital in mind. 

Social Spaces

Help cultivate culture with social spaces that connect people, and create a sense of purpose and belonging through meaningful interactions. Access to power, and analog and digital tools boosts the use of these spaces throughout the day by giving teams and individuals more choices when it comes to making progress on their work.

Me + We 
Individual settings within social spaces serve people stimulated by energy and buzz.  

Fixed to Fluid
Small tables allow for distancing now, but easily move together in the future to add additional occupancy.  

Open + Enclosed 
Movable screens let people adapt boundaries and create added privacy as needed. 

Braiding Digital + Physical
Access to large-scale, mobile devices and mobile power lets teams turn open, social spaces into settings where they can move work forward on demand. 

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