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Giving Customers Solutions in Savannah

December 12, 2017

Candace Forkner is a graduate of Georgia Southern University and comes to use with 13 years of experience in commercial construction. She's active in the National Association of Women in Construction and served on the board from October 2013-October 2017. Her most recent role was Vice President. 

What drew you to McWaters?

I worked with McWaters on a project with my former employer and was impressed with their work. There's a feel of teamwork. The focus is on the customer and everyone works together to make sure the clients are happy and satisfied.

There's a lot of room for growth with McWaters in Savannah and the surrounding areas.  

How does McWaters support you?

McWaters has a great support team with a wealth of knowledge. Steelcase has an expansive product line and several resources available to find the products you need for your clients. 

What will you bring to McWaters?

I hope to use my experience in residential and commercial construction to help clients understand the benefits of non-conventional construction. For instance, using architectural walls which can be moved to new locations and depreciated over seven years instead of building a conventional wall with drywall.

What project has made the biggest impact on you so far?

I went to a walkthrough for a children's hospital renovation. I just enjoyed being there and hearing what kind of questions were addressed to ensure we get everything we need to fully meet the customer's needs at the end of the project. Our team talked to the maintenance department and different nurse groups from the hospital to find out what has been working in the space and where the problems lie. We learned one of the big issues was making the space comfortable for friends and family members who are visiting the patient. 

It's great to be able to use our work to make friends and family comfortable while they're waiting at the hospital. 

What products are your favorite?

I love the height adjustable desks that allow you to sit or stand while working. It gives you the flexibility to move around instead of sitting all day. 

It's great to have so many options for all of our customers' spaces.

What has impressed you most about the Savannah showroom?

It's a beautiful space full of products for our clients to test out. We currently have two mock-up offices in our showroom for our client to view. They'll be able to come to our showroom and interact with the products to determine if these products will fit their needs. 


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