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Getting to Know the Whole Customer

November 13, 2017

Fun, Food, and, Friends

Fall is in the air and McWaters is ready for it. At this year’s Oktoberfest, the showroom was decked out with pumpkins, River Rat beer was flowing, and everyone enjoyed spending time together off the clock. Relationships are tantamount to McWaters’ success and this was a great time to focus on those partnerships.

“Understanding our customers’ changing needs to find solutions that work for them is one of the best parts of working at McWaters,” said Whitney McMakin, Director of Design at McWaters. “Spending time with people just having fun helps us get to know them even better.”

And there was plenty of fun to be had at McWaters annual Oktoberfest event last month. Getting to know customers is what helps McWaters build relationships and continue to be a valuable resource for their partners. With access to the latest technology and design, McWaters has a lot to offer their customers, and Oktoberfest is a valuable opportunity to learn more about what those customers need to do great work in their own space.

“Inviting customers into our space for a celebration is a great way to celebrate them,” says William Gresham, Owner and President of McWaters. “We always look forward to hosting events and letting people know what they mean to us.”

Gathering around the table for food from Southern Way or in front of the stage to enjoy live music by Prettier Than Matt is an easy way to relax, something everyone who works in a competitive industry needs. McWaters’ team members are just like their customers, hardworking and fun, creative and professional. Transforming workspaces into places where people can accomplish great things means celebrating every part of those people, and learning more about what makes them tick, whether they’re sharing news about their latest vacation or communicating new ideas to improve the way they do business.

This year marked McWaters’ fifth Oktoberfest, and the tradition is one enjoyed by McWaters and their clients alike. Happy customers are the inspiration behind the work at McWaters. Helping them achieve their goals through innovative use of furniture, technology, and space is the goal. Spending time with clients and keeping up with their news is what makes the magic happen.

“This year’s Oktoberfest was the best one yet, and we’re already looking forward to next year,” said Brittany Burnett, Account Manager at McWaters. “Work is fun, and that’s never clearer to me than when we all get together like this.”

Clients view McWaters as a long-term partner, and that’s a relationship to be celebrated. 




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