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The Future of Workplace Design

August 22, 2018

What Is "Resimercial Design"?

The workplace is constantly evolving and there has been a lot of talk about “resimercial design.” Resimercial is exactly what it sounds like: a residential twist on commercial spaces. 

Our society is progressing at a rapid pace, and as younger generations continue to approach the work force, new ideas emerge. Due to technology advances, Millennials and Gen Z’s have grown up with the idea that work can happen anywhere. 

With this in mind, the freedom to work when and where employees feel comfortable has developed into a new trend where office space is redefined and redesigned into a blend of residential and commercial spaces, or “resimercial.”

The idea behind resimercial is to create a “home away from home.” Research has shown that employee’s work environment has a lot to do with how they perform. The more comfortable people are at work, the more productive they tend to be and the longer they want devote to being at work. As the resimercial trend evolves, many offices are starting to bring forth residential touches to their office spaces in order to create a more welcoming environment for employees. 

How McWaters Does Resimercial

At McWaters we have spent a good bit of time adjusting to this new trend. Over the years, we introduced more square footage to amenity and common spaces—adding informal areas for relaxation and collaboration. The goal is to make these spaces feel more like living rooms that inspire a level of comfort that was largely absent in the traditional cubicle office layout. 

Although, the physical arrangement of a space is important, there are other factors to consider when implementing resimercial design. Simple additions such as more natural lighting, decorative features, and warm colors can make all the difference. Not to mention, the furniture itself. 

A resimercial feel doesn’t solely rely on the layout of the space. Two other important factors should be considered: integrity and durability. Unlike home furniture, office furniture is meant for high traffic. To accommodate new trends, manufacturers are creating a blend of residential and commercial aesthetics in office furniture itself. 

Creating A Resimercial Space

Commercial fabric manufactures have begun to soften offerings, keeping the durability and incorporating residential patterns. In effect, office furniture doesn’t appear to be as stiff and has a more of an inviting look. 

A welcoming work environment incentivizes employees to work longer and spend more time in the office—creating better employee bonds and engaged work efforts. Things like collaboration spaces, sit/stand desks, hot desks, and privacy pods give employees more options and ways to work; forcing offices to no longer operate in a fixed way in a fixed in environment.

People of all ages want to be able to work comfortably and resimercial styles give employees that option. If resimercial design is executed properly, it can create the balance necessary for a more successful and productive workforce. 




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