Adapting to Growth

Charleston is quickly becoming the largest city in South Carolina and growth is particularly strong within the tech and education sectors.  Our full-service, holistic approach to creating spaces that support business goals makes us uniquely positioned to support our Charleston customers as the area continues to grow. 

Charleston has everything from startups to established and growing tech companies. We're excited to support those clients by providing office spaces with enhanced audio visual control systems that promote productivity and creative office design that helps attract and retain top talent.

Charleston is also a hotspot for education and we know that students have different needs than professionals. We know how to design spaces that help students engage, to create study areas that support focus, and to integrate the audio visual technology that will help them learn more effectively. 

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Check Our Progress!

We're building a new showroom specially designed to give you the ability to experience all our capabilities. We've broken ground and are excited to share more with you. 

Our Charleston Services

We're offering our full suite of services in Charleston while our new office is under construction:

  • audio visual installs
  • office design
  • office furniture and flooring
  • office relocation services
  • flooring

What to Expect

When we start a project, we take a holistic approach. We want to understand how all the different products, designs, and vendors are going to work together to give you a space that works and is delivered on time. That's why it's not unusual to meet with several team members who represent different service lines in our company at the beginning of the project. This gives you a chance to ask questions about all our products and it helps us make sure all the products that are going into your space are working together. From there, we'll work with you to come up with a solution that will give you the space you need to help meet your business goals. 



Contact Us in Charleston

Harry Dent
Charleston Market President

McWaters Charleston
3841 Commercial Center Drive
Ladson, SC 29456
843.486.1823 ​

Featured Testimonial

McWaters will be an excellent resource to myself, LS3P, and the rest of the design community in Charleston, and will fill a void that I feel is missing in the Charleston market.

Michelle Hertel, Senior Interior Designer

LS3P, Charleston, SC

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