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Central Carolina Community Foundation

Columbia, South Carolina

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Central Carolina Community Foundation
Columbia, South Carolina

Service-Lines: Furniture, Flooring

Products Used: Steelcase, Turnstone, OFS, ERG, Special T

Central Carolina Community Foundation (CCCF), a nonprofit organization, recently moved their offices from Forest Drive in Columbia, SC to the First Base Building at Segra Park in the city's newly revived BullStreet District. The organization partnered with McWaters to provide furniture and flooring solutions to create a flexible meeting space, collaborative areas for staff, and a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and community partners. 

Series 1 Work Chair by Steelcase

Project Scope

Since CCCF serves the community, they needed to make sure their space was welcoming, comfortable, and fun for everyone who came through. They also needed to make sure it gave them some functionality that they were missing in their old office. 

One major pain point in the old office was that there wasn't a lot of comfortable collaboration spaces and their interns felt very disconnected from the rest of the organization. They wanted a space in this office that would bring everyone together in a fun, collaborative environment. McWaters' solution needed to find a way to integrate new furniture pieces with existing pieces that CCCF would be bringing from their old office. 

"JoAnn Turnquist, Central Carolina Community Foundation's CEO, was very involved from the beginning," said Rebekah Hebert, a McWaters designer on the project. "It was great to be able to collaborate with her and see her enthusiasm and excitement throughout the process."

Their old office also had limited space for more formal gatherings like board meetings and trainings. They wanted a dual purpose area that could work for both staff collaboration, board events, and community gatherings.


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Choosing the Right Furniture for the Space

In order to create spaces with distinct uses, McWaters focused on choosing furniture that would define each area. 

A flexible conference room was very important to this project. Since the space had to double as a training room, the McWaters team choose tables that were mobile so they could be easily reconfigured and chairs that could be easily stacked. 

"It's wonderful to be able to have a space that our staff can use to collaborate, our board can meet in, and we can host community events including On the Table conversations," Turnquist said. 

In the collaboration spaces, McWaters chose couches and tables that would feel more comfortable and relaxed, but still offered support so employees could work on their laptops in the area. The space also features intern touch down spaces that allow the interns to be a part of the collaboration. 

Tying It Together

The finishes, colors, and fabric were a big part of what makes the space work for CCCF and choosing them was a collaborative effort. The Bourdeaux Group chose the color palette throughout the office, McWaters chose finishes that would help carry the themes through, and CCCF pitched in by choosing fabrics that spoke to them to be used in the space. 

"It was fun to see JoAnn's enthusiasm and excitement for the project and her willingness to collaborate in the design process." 

Making the Move Stress-Free

Like a lot of customers, CCCF was feeling some stress about the move and how everything would come together in the new space. 

The McWaters team helped alleviate some of that stress by creating a detailed map that they could share with the movers. The map showed each piece of furniture, it's measurements, and what office it would go in. It also labeled each office with the employee who would be using it so that the moving company could also relocate personal belongings without mixing them up. 

"Being able to see where everything and everyone would go gave us a great peace of mind," said JoAnn Turnquist. 

Once the old furniture was in place the McWaters installation team came in over the weekend to install the new furniture 

"We couldn't be more pleased with the space," said JoAnn Turnquist. "It's fun, inviting, and functional. It will be a great home for us for years to come."

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