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Celebrating Our Customer Relationships

September 15, 2017

What makes McWaters stand out?

“Our focus on the customer is one of the things I’m really proud of,” said Jessica Koumas, Business Relations Director. “Building those relationships and being more than just a commodity dealer was why I wanted to work at McWaters in the first place.”

So, how do they do it?

It all starts with their initial discovery meeting. It’s a chance for the team to really get to know their customer and their customer’s needs. There’s not a one-size-fits-all space solution and since McWaters is always on top of new trends and technologies, the initial meeting is a chance to begin to narrow down products and ideas from McWaters’ four service lines—furniture, flooring, audio visual, and relocation—to solve their customers' problems.  Narrowing down the options by truly listening to the customer’s needs, allows McWaters to pull together samples or create specific and unique design solutions that will make their space functional and help the customer meet their business goals.   By listening first, the process is easy, efficient and productive.  McWaters’ consultative approach is ongoing.  They are continually working with their customers to assess, and reassess their needs and align to their business goals.

That’s important because in today’s competitive environment, businesses know their space is key in attracting and engaging talented employees, building brand and culture, and enhancing collaboration. People look to McWaters to understand the trends and how to design the space to do things like integrate technology into the work environment, encourage movement and wellbeing, create multipurpose work spaces with the ability for flexibility to get work done anywhere, and promote collaboration.  

“We love how McWaters' staff keeps us abreast of any new products and technologies that can improve our workplace environment and, more importantly, efficiency,” said Robert Suber, President of M.B. Suber & Associations, LLC in Columbia, SC. 

But it’s not all serious work. McWaters also likes to connect with customers in a more informal way by offering their space for off-site meetings, interacting at community events like the Columbia Fireflies baseball games, or throwing a party to say “thank you.”

Four years ago, that sentiment was what spurred them to create McWaters’ Oktoberfest customer appreciation event to help the entire team say thank you and interact with their customers in a more informal and fun setting.  The team is now entering their fifth year hosting this event and couldn't be happier to show appreciation for their customers, the work they do together, and the partnerships that have been formed.  

“We think it’s important to take time each year to just celebrate the relationships we have with customers and with the architectural and design community,” said William Gresham, Owner/President.



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