Avtec, Inc.


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Avtec, Inc.

Corporate Headquaters, Gilbert, SC

Project Details

Avtec, Inc.
Corporate Headquaters
Gilbert, SC

Service-Lines: Furniture and Audiovisual/Technology

Products Used: Steelcase, Coalesse, Turnstone and OFS

Avtec, Inc., headquartered in Gilbert, SC, provides Internet Protocol (IP) dispatch console solutions for the manufacturing, transportation, public safety, and government markets. 

McWaters partnered with a local architectural and design firm to design and provide comfortable and vibrant public spaces to support the client's training facilities. The McWaters Audiovisual and Technology team continues to work with Avtec on refining and expanding audiovisual systems and controls for the conference and training facilities.

Scoop Stools by Turnstone

Project Scope

Design: Recognizing a high level of intense training being completed at the facility, it was important for the design to include a color scheme that was fresh and engaging and for the furniture to support a variety of work modes. McWaters worked closely with the client and the design consultant to select furniture solutions that would be durable, comfortable and support the brand and culture of the client.  

Schedule: Project completed in 2013.

Groupwork Tables by Steelcase and Scoop Stools by TurnstoneCampfire Lounge, Alight Benches, and Personal Table by Turnstone


McWaters provided furniture solutions that included Steelcase, Turnstone lounge seating, Coalesse and Steelcase break room tables and stools, and a unique mobile stage for the employee break room from OFS Brands.

McWaters worked closely with the client and their design consultant to create comfortable and vibrant public spaces to support the training facilities. Break-out areas adjacent to the training rooms provide a comfortable lounge setting for employees, open break rooms and lounge spaces have a variety of standing height and seated height tables and chairs for gathering, and training rooms utilize mobile, tablet arm seating as well as traditional training tables and chairs. 

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McWaters Account Manager: Harry Dent

McWaters Designer: Nan Prouse and Whitney McMakin

Architect/Partner: CDA