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Audio Visual Systems for Conference Rooms

July 24, 2017

Increase Productivity with Audio Visual Systems for Conference Rooms

Nothing is worse than an unproductive meeting. Not only does it take time and focus away from more important tasks, it leaves everyone frustrated and unsure of what comes next. Increasing productivity isn't just about being prepared and keeping track of time, when you struggle to share screens or get your audio visual equipment set up, you're interrupting the meeting's focus and adding to that loss of productivity. Our connected conference rooms can seamlessly integrate technology to make it easy for you to share your screen with everyone in the room. 

What else can your connected conference rooms do for you?

Use Technology to Collaborate

Conference rooms aren't just a place for conversation. They're a place to share content and visual aids so everyone can be on the same page about your project. Having tools like the Virtual PUCK gives you a wireless way to share content from your computer, table, or phone onto a screen. 

At McWaters, we have offices in Columbia, Charleston, Augusta, and Savannah, which would normally mean a lot of traveling for team members from all four offices to meet. But with our connected conference rooms, it's easy to share screens, have conference calls, or even video chat with team members miles away. 

Schedule Smart

When you have a big company, conference rooms are always busy and it can be difficult to keep track of when the room is free and Meeting rooms can get double booked easily. But having a room scheduling system means you can easily see when a room is in use and when you can pop in for an unscheduled meeting. 

Get The Right Displays 

You know that digital displays in your lobby are all about a good content strategy, but your conference room displays have a different focus. Here you need to choose the right size and placement of displays to optimize your ability to share screens with the entire group and teleconference effectively. 

If you regularly need to share content that's very detailed, like a spreadsheet, it's likely you're going to want a big screen to view it on. For really large displays, we usually recommend a projector and screen over a digital display. If your first thought is that the technology sounds outdated, you haven't seen what projectors can do in 2017. The screen gives you the ability to have a screen much larger than would be possible if you went with a digital display at a price point that's more affordable. Want to see it in action? You can check out the screen in our Columbia showroom.

Save Energy 

Connected conference rooms go beyond your audio visual systems. We can integrate technology into your space that will help you save money and energy without a lot of effort. How? It's all about automating your environment so you can free up your mind for something else. We've worked with many customers to install smart thermostats in their building and automatic lighting that turns on when they enter the conference room and off when they leave. We even have an option to install smart blinds that open and close based on the sun's position, keeping the glare off your screens and your conference room cool during the summer. 

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