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Atkins Law Firm

Columbia, SC

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Think Chairs by Steelcase paired with media:scape Mini by Steelcase

Atkins Law Firm
Columbia, SC

Products Used: Steelcase, Milliken, OFS brands (Highmark, First Office, Carolina)

Atkins Law Firm is based in Columbia, SC and primarily represents individuals who are injured on the job.

Owner and principal, Holly Saleeby Atkins and partner Dewana Flynn Looper realized they needed a bigger space to accommodate staff and clients. 

After searching for the right space, they found something that was large enough, but it was outdated and needed some layout adjustments if it was going to work for their practice.

So, they began planning a renovation and while interviewing vendors felt McWaters really stood out in their approach. 

"We chose to go with McWaters because they came with a plan instead of just a list of things that were possible. They also had a whole team of people and each person had a job, which made us feel confident in their abilities."

In addition to their team of designers, flooring specialists, A/V specialists, a project manager was assigned to coordinate the team and to take care of any problems that might come up. 

"Our project manager, Ned, was one of the best people we've ever worked with in terms of being honest, straightforward, and trustworthy to do a good job."

Project Scope

The new Atkins Law Firm office was in need of some major updates if it was going to reflect the firm's warm and welcoming personality. They wanted to update the flooring, furniture, and lighting. In addition to all that, the firm also needed McWaters to take down and rebuild some walls in order to get the office layout they needed. 

Since Atkins and Looper work with clients every day, the first impression of their office was extremely important to the business. So, in addition to the structural components of the office, McWaters also needed to have a plan to design a space that would be inviting and professional. 

"Our clients come from all walks of life," Atkins said. "Our office needed to be comfortable and welcoming for everyone who comes in."

McWaters set to work creating a space that reflected both the Atkins Law Firm's brand values and created an inviting atmosphere. 

"We selected accent colors that promoted strength and integrity, creating an environment that complimented their mission and values," said Whitney McMakin, Director of Design at McWaters. "Warm woods and thoughtful integrations of color created an environment that was professional, welcoming, and timeless."

In addition to the color palette, McWaters also chose Milliken flooring that mimics a wood look while providing warmth and sound absorption to protect client privacy. 

Employee Workstations

It was also important that employees were comfortable at their workstations since they spend a good portion of their week there. The McWaters team spent time thinking about how the employees would be using their spaces, what items they might need to store at work, and how often they're at their desks with a visitor versus by themselves.

McWaters equipped the offices with open storage for legal boxes, height adjustable tables for posture flexibility, and ergonomic chairs for seated comfort. The team also installed a Steelcase Privacy Wall strategically around the office so that they could divide the space and provide privacy without giving up the open space environment feel. 


After the renovations, the new space comfortably houses staff and provides a warm, welcoming environment for clients. 

"We've had nothing but positive feedback from our staff, clients, and visiting lawyers," Atkins said. 

Although it was a big project, McWaters guided the firm through it without causing any problems or disruptions to staff or clients. 

"I would absolutely recommend McWaters to anyone," Atkins said. "Not all companies are responsible or capable of standing behind their work. But McWaters is trustworthy. They do what they say they're going to do when they say they're going to do it. And if you have any problems, they take care of it."

We're here to help you create a warm and inviting space for staff and clients. See what the McWaters team can do for you. 

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Designer – Sarah Hemhauser

Project Manager – Ned Little

Account Manager – Brittany Burnett

Construction – Combined Construction/Jimmy Dillon

A/V – Mel Mays and Ned Little