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Are you getting the most out of your space?

October 14, 2019

Having a great workplace helps employees do great work. But what makes a workspace attractive and engaging? That's what Steelcase and Santa Clara-based One Workplace set out to discover with Steelcase's new Workplace Advisor tool. 

Start by Seeing What's Working

The first step to improving workspaces is to identify which spaces are being utilized to their full potential and which are sitting empty. That's where Workplace Advisor comes in handy. The space measurement tool from Steelcase collects, interprets and analyzes data to understand how and where people do their best work.

Sensors and other evaluative tools are used—either in a one-time episodic study or subscription-based period—to determine which spaces your employees are using and why. Are people using one collaborative space over others, even if the space was not designed for the purpose it is being used for? Is it because the technology in the space fits their needs? Or because there is less sound or less chance of interruption? Using insights from Workplace Advisor, office real estate can be optimized to fit the way employees work.

One Workplace's Story

One Workplace, a company in Santa Clara, CA, tapped Steelcase and the Workplace Advisor Study to help solve their office real estate issues. Once known for an engaging and inspiring workspace that connected people, technology, and culture, One Workplace ran into a problem maintaining the “perfect workspace” as they began to grow. One Workplace used Workplace Advisor Study to identify which parts of the office were the most cramped and therefore which kind of spaces were in the highest demand.

Gaining Insights with Qualitative Data

Workplace Advisor also collected qualitative feedback from the employees of One Workplace to pair with the numbers. Using this data, One Workplace was able to identify that even though there were 20 one or two-person sessions occurring at a time, there were only nine available spaces designated for those kinds of meetings. The employees didn’t feel that the workspace supported their particular needs to work at peak performance. Using this data and feedback, One Workplace was able to redesign their workspace to support their employees, improve performance, and employee satisfaction.

Why it Works

Workplace Advisor is such a useful tool because studies show that employees that are highly satisfied with their work environment are highly engaged and work at their personal peak. While remote work is rising, the office isn’t going away, and neither is the cost of that real estate. Workplace Advisor allows you to make the most of the space you are paying for, while also ensuring the happiness and engagement of your employees.

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