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5 Ways to Engage Customers with Digital Signs

December 8, 2016

Technology just for technology’s sake is never the right answer—and that couldn’t be more true than when you’re working with interior digital signs.

Our audio-visual team is a great consultative resource to help our customers find the most effective way to use that. There's one area where they've seen a growing demand--and opportunity--for our customers. 

The market for digital signage is taking off. Markets and Markets predicts interior digital signage to have a compound annual growth rate of 8.18% between 2015 and 2020, with companies investing an additional $9.13 billion in the technology in that time period. And as more and more companies implement digital signage in their buildings and spaces, the differentiator becomes the strategy, not the technology.

But too many companies use their digital signage to display the name of their business and logo, which is a missed opportunity. To get the most out of the signage, it's important to have the right content strategy to engage customers inside the space. So, how do you get started creating a strategy? McWaters’ audio visual team suggests starting with five key areas.

  1. Objective: Make sure you have a clear idea for your intended message, or what the objective and solution of using digital signage inside your space is to be.
  2. Reach: You need to know who you’re talking to and create content to captivate that audience. 
  3. Relevance: To capture the audience's attention, content must be relevant to the environment. Think about where your sign is placed. Is it in the lobby of your building? Your company’s break room? Or maybe it’s in a conference area that’s highly trafficked by customers. The sign’s content in each of those areas should be different.
  4. Engagement: Once the audience begins to notice the screen, they need to be deeply engaged by the content. It must connect with the audience on some level.
  5. Call to Action: Give your consumers a clear idea what you want them to do next with a short action-oriented sentence.

Whether you’re developing your strategy internally or with a partner like McWaters, having a defined approach and plan can have a major impact on your business.



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